This is the route to the north summit of Timpanogos. The Cold Fusion Couloir is the first summit before the saddle and final stretch to the peak. 6,000 feet of climbing is involved.

Started off with a 5 am breakfast at Denny’s. Egg sandwich and hash browns is where its at.

There she is. The north summit and top of the Fusion.

The Grunge Couloir. Probably the steepest line in the Wasatch.

Thru the woods.

And across the north face.

Hey look we’re almost there!

After zig zagging up thru the trees, we gotta look half way up.


Put cho stunna shades on. 

Lookin down the Forked Tongue Couloir. Wind effect scares me.

This is where things got pretty interesting. It went from powder to wind blown to super wind pack. I pulled out my inclinometer and the reading was off the charts. Atleast 55-60 degrees from here up.

To this skinny little shallow traverse over the steepest most dangerous slide path in the mountain range. Pretty gripped at this point. 

After taking a few steps up the last stretch to the top, snowboard boots felt like ballet slippers on the tiny footholds. We all wanted the summit so bad but it just wasnt practical…..well this whole thing wasnt practical but it scared the hell out of us. 

So we strapped em in and began the shred.

Danimal slash.

Z Money charging it.

Perfect settled pow to the bottom. 

I’ll see you again….. and next time with an ice axe and crampons.

Congrats to Mark and David who made it to the top. I have to say that was the only time I wish I had ski boots.

Its not over Timpanogos! I’m comin back to getcha!