Tanners Gulch

Summitpost.org description:

WARNING: Do this route only between early May and late June or early July. This is one of the worst avalanche chutes in the country, so don’t attempt it in winter. Summer and fall are also unpleasant and not very safe because of loose rock and scree. When it’s the right season, this is one of the finest climbs in the Rockies.

Stumbled thru the bushes and zig zagged the creek with no headlamp. About half way up by first light.

Thats why they call it Sunrise Peak. Mark and John takin the lead.

Those guys are animals. Theres no catchin up to em.

This is gunna be so fun!

Sucking wind.

Lookin up the barrel of the gun…. the last stretch to the top. We got right up into those shadows when suddenly Mark yells out… HEADS UP as a natural slough comes down on us. Thanks to him I was able to skin out of the way enough to not get center punched. The flanks strained through our legs and it was game over. That warning shot was Mother Nature goin…. Get outta here before I slap a bitch!

Strapped in on some of the debris and we’re off. Still a good 3,000 k of fresh below us.

Not makin it to the top didnt feel so bad after a coupla face shots.

Mark gettin the shot of me gettin the shot.

Took the left fork for some more powpipe.

And natural hips all the way out.

If this area wasnt so sketchy I would come here all the time.

We wanted so badly to top out but ended up making the right call. I’m comin back for ya Tanner!