Millcreek Canyon: Porter Fork, up Gobblers Knob to Cabin Run and back.

My new thing is that I wunna tour in this canyon every monday and wednesday after photo class. I know absolutely nothing about this area so we set out for who knows what.

Tyler has by far the best sticker job i’ve seen.

Millcreek wildlife.

Thats right suckas!

Is it gunna be bluebird for us?

Maybe not but those lines look epic!

The Great Salt Lake…. or part of it.

Mt. Raymond in all of its glory.

The city life… far below. Grandeur Peak on the right.

I’ma lil bit country…. its a long ways to the bottom.

The story of my life.

Ridin into the sunset.

The conditions were all time.

And outta there before dark.