LCC: White Pine Trailhead to Maybird Gulch and out The Tube.

All photos labeled SK are by Sean Kerrick

Started the morning off right with the breakfast of champions. SK

And some sweet splitboard jibbing. Look at that style!

Rounded the corner into Red Pine. Sean with his fancy shmancy Mark II.

This is the target but the wind is just destroying it. There goes all the nice pow!

We crossed the creek.

And fueled the engines.

There there…. thats enough Dan.


Thats the line of choice… but the mountain just won’t let us have it today. SK

Looks fun huh?

Thats okay, Dan broke out into song anyway. SK

And ofcourse, singing somthing stupid….. so i joined in. SK


Smell my glade. SK

The entrance of The Tube. Plenty of protected snow in here…almost too much.

Point it.

And bury it.



And finally…

The savage creek jumping. SK

We skinned out to the road, threw up the thumbs and hopped into this nice guy’s truck. Nice gangster symbols.