I havn’t seen a sunrise in the valley in a looong time so I definitely picked the right morning to get the wood pellets at Home Depot to heat the cabin.

LD Blog 12

It didn’t even look real. After putting away the lens, I just sat there gazing out the window thinkin about how epic our home is here in Utah. We’re some lucky bastards.

LD Blog 7

Good morning Bell Canyon.

LD Blog 5

My best friend from elementary school in Colorado was cruisin by Salt Lake on her way back to Denver from Washington for the holidays. Lindsey wanted to make a coupla turns out here in the Wasatch so I took her to The Rest Home for some more pre-season powdah shredding. So awesome to catch up with my long lost buddy.

LD Blog 6

The dreaded glop was destroying me. It felt like pulling two little kids up the mountain. Oh well, i guess i’m just like those baseball players that swing with weights.

LD Blog 13

Slidin through the trees, try not to get too mesmerized by the sights. You’ll end up crashing your dome piece into an aspen.

LD Blog 11

And up through the shadows to the Deso zone.

LD Blog 14

Ummm… maybe we shouldn’t go down here.

LD Blog 4

Gettin all caught up in those death chunks while tryin to surf the pow would probably ruin our day.

LD Blog 2

The definition of hangfire.

LD Blog 10

It’s pretty ridiculous to witness such an act of natural violence and destruction. As scared as I am of these monsters, they’re so very fascinating. Can’t have Lindsey thinkin it’s all fun and games here in Utah.

Lou Whittaker has a saying, “Just because you love the mountains doesn’t mean the mountains love you.”