Well we asked for snow and hot damn…. thats what we got. 48 inches in 48 hours at the higher elevations and much warmer temps. This is EXACTLY what we needed. It just turned into mid winter all of a sudden.

AV Blog 2

This makes for the happiest dog on the planet.

AV Blog 1

There’s no way to drive up to my cabin unless you have a big ol truck so some extra hiking was in order for the fellas.

AV Blog 3

Just DUMPING out there and some outrageous trail breaking. It actually wasnt bad at all with 4 people. When you start to huff n puff, you go to the back of the line for an easy stroll, eat breakfast and watch your friends struggle.

AV Blog 4

So we roll up to this little cliff zone and I’m like… hey, that could be fun on the way out. 10 steps later, everything around me collapses with a huge WHUMPH and the entire cliff band broke loose all the way out to the trees in the background. Good thing this wasn’t any bigger or we’d be another one of those groups who got buried by terrain traps that day.

AV Blog 5

Just up the way, an entire gully released sympathetically… and we were about to climb higher and get under some steeper longer slopes. Mother Nature always has a way of giving you all the warning signs you need. Today she says… get on anything bigger and you can kiss your ass goodbye!

AV Blog 6

AV Blog 7

Here’s an action shot of Kevin kickin off yet another soft slab. ¬†Well…all the snow is down there now…

AV Blog 8

So I figured, might as well jump into the foam pit while we’re here. Thanks for the shot Alecs!

We ended up dickin around flying off various natural features all day then called it good.

AV Blog 9

The shoe box is buried so I guess I’ll be in the canyon for a while.