3 days of Bluegrass in the Colorado mountains

Yonder Mountain String Band @ Red Rocks & 2 days of Nedfest

Headed east on 80, past the roof of Utah and into Boulder, CO. We met up with some old friends who gave us a couch to sleep on for 4 nights, spent some quality time at the Boulder skatepark and got ready for a big night at Red Rocks for Yonder….



About 30 miles outside Boulder is a little mountain oasis called Nederland. Just hop on Canyon and take the high road out of town. After some twisting and turning roads through high granite walls and lonesome pines, you find yourself at this insane skatepark right next to Nedfest.

You can rip around these bowls and go fishin at the lake while listenin to the best bluegrass Colorado has to offer.

See those tents in the background? Thats the stage.

Throughout 3 days, some rare combinations of talented artists come together to play some great music in their home town.

Bill Nershi and Keith Moseley from The String Cheese Incident playin with Scott Law in Blue Planet. 

Billy, Keith & Scott

Seeing these guys play like they did was a dream come true. The good majority of their set list was Cheese songs and the Incident is definitely one of my favorite bands of all time. It was downright awesome.

Next up…

David Grisman Quintet

If you didn’t already know, this guy created some badass albums with Jerry Garcia in his later years and he has only gotten better with age. It was pretty unbelievable to be a part of this once in a lifetime event. I almost had too much fun. 

Afterwards, Mountain Standard Time played an after-party at the First Street Bar on Mainstreet. This place was a trip. It felt like an old western saloon. The bar was packed to the walls with friendly mountain people and tasty brews so they shook the walls till 2 in the morning. Sorry, I was having such a good time, I forgot to take any more photos.

The next day, the Emmitt-Nershi Band played. This is what Leftover Salmon and String Cheese tastes like.

Bill Nershi…. my main man.

Then Ricky Skaggs did the ender to wrap up an epic weekend. 

It was hard to leave Boulder. All of my awesome buddies and newly made friends. Colorado really is an amazing place.

Back over the Divide…

And right to the Josh Malay Memorial Skatepark.

Probably the most beautiful man-made structure on earth.

And back into the Utah desert just in time for the sunset.

Hey look, I caught a bird in my snowboard rack.