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Umphrey’s Mcgee & Keller Williams  @ The Depot 9.17.09 Here’s a few highlights from the show to listen to while scrollin… Mulche’s Odyssey (this is a good one) Partyin Peeps with Keller In the Kitchen into #5   Keller started it up with the one man band… Then Umphrey’s came out for the main event. And ofcourse, Keller […]… Continue Reading

3 days of Bluegrass in the Colorado mountains Yonder Mountain String Band @ Red Rocks & 2 days of Nedfest Headed east on 80, past the roof of Utah and into Boulder, CO. We met up with some old friends who gave us a couch to sleep on for 4 nights, spent some quality time at […]… Continue Reading

The highest summit in Utah Kings Peak in the High Uintas 44 miles in 48 hours & approx 7k of climbing. So the trip began with a bit of a rough start. Our original idea was to approach from the south via the Yellowstone drainage. After drivin dirt roads for miles and miles, we were […]… Continue Reading

Here’s a few shots from my travels to Mammoth, Yosemite and Tahoe… Up high. Even higher. Half Dome. Legendary for big wall climbing. Found a coupla dudes on El Capitan. You can see the guy belaying with his big bag of gear to the left.  I checked their progress and it took em three days […]… Continue Reading

For those of you who have been to a Phish show, I need not explain a thing. You know exactly what its like. All I can say to the people who havn’t is that after you’ve gone, no other concert could compare. It’s not just the music, the experience tickles all the senses and the […]… Continue Reading

Went up Bell (left) today to see if i could shoot a coupla photos. Good views into the Crows Feet zone (right). Zoomed. From the top in march. Besides all the unnecessary bushwacking, that was a damn good day. Bubbles. And reflections. Then a glorious sunset at the fall. Last spring. My sister ended up […]… Continue Reading

Justa nice n easy stroll up outta the neighborhood… Through the aspens… And up to the beaver pond. Soakin in the views of Fantasy Ridge. Dan decided to go for a dip. Thought I’d leave all the bugs… For the leeezards. Perfect and undisturbed wilderness. The very next day, I saw this exact photo printed […]… Continue Reading

09 has definitely produced an amazing summer here in the Wasatch. Countless sunny days at the mountain skateparks with all the homies (ending with a pitcher at Squatters), backyard fire parties, backpacking trips to distant tee pees in the wilderness and a ridiculous amount of live music have filled up the calender. There has been […]… Continue Reading

Seen at Also in their new 09/10 line-up catalog. I never thought I’d sell my first photograph and have no camera at the same time. Thanks to the people who smashed my window and my insurance company, a whole new setup is on the way!… Continue Reading

Heres the route as seen from Mt. Raymond the other day. Goin snowboardin! Theres it is. 5 miles and over 5,000′ of vertical to go. Z Money. Comon…. its a little funny. And the journey continues. Finally… at the base of Yer Crazy.  Onward. Good thing this little punter didnt take me out. Gettin up there. […]… Continue Reading

Mount Raymond. Such a classic line. This is a mountain everyone wants to shred because it stares you in the face your whole drive down the canyon. I’ve only been to the summit in the summer time but today it was time to strap in my snowboard at the top. Not too much snow at the […]… Continue Reading

Another spring day with fresh powdah…. you gotta love it. So we headed across the aspens. And up through the pines. Gettin up above the road, the wind kept things cool. Pretty amazing to see the pillow wonderland untracked. Once the resort closes, this canyon is a ghost town. A few more steps to the summit. […]… Continue Reading

Same neighborhood…. different street. My buddy Guy’s cabin (pronounced Gee). He was nice enough to offer me a room in his house on the hill. My first day there was a powder day. Thats gotta mean somthing. The site of last years quarter pipe keg party. There just wasnt enough snow to do it this […]… Continue Reading

Words can’t even describe how good Utah has been. 150 inches fell in less than a week right in my own backyard. A lot of time has been spent with no backpack and no camera. Just cruising Brighton in 100% blower pow with tons of good friends. I can only go so long without bringin […]… Continue Reading

 After a week of countless pow laps at Brighton with all the homies, it was time to get out the camera again and take a journey into the backyard from Solitude. I havn’t worked an hour there in a long time but my pass still worked so it was off to the summit lift. Startin […]… Continue Reading