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Reese and James on the first ascent of the Salmon Shark   “Glaciers, mountains, rivers, forests, tundra; a landscape rich with places that have never felt the tread of human feet. It thrills me not because I can break first ground, but because first ground remains unbroken.” ~ Kim Heacox   From June 22 to […]… Continue Reading

The Good ole Pineapple Express has done it again… Full on spring conditions for the entire month of January minus all the daylight. It started off as all fun and games with the deep and dreamy. And some greybird days in the alpine. Very Scottish conditions as the temps and precip started to skyrocket. Then […]… Continue Reading

    “And so I tell myself again: I am here because in the landscape of each and every human imagination lies one special place. Our inner compass keeps pointing us toward this spot, which is magnetic, mysterious, exotic and alluring but, alas, always fringed by a frontier of our fears. Still, it is to this […]… Continue Reading

  This is the seven month road trip that turned into my way of life. The story of two years in pursuit of Alaska. Ferryin up, drivin down, taking up roots and driving back to stay. At first, I didn’t really know what to expect so I brought everything. It didn’t make sense to leave […]… Continue Reading

**WARNING** This is a long one… but if you’ve got the time to go on a trip with me through the mountains of the pacific northwest, keep on scrollin… This is the story of my last month in the North Cascades. Alone, I left Salt Lake for 64 days… no plans, no goals, and no […]… Continue Reading

Aug 18th, 2011. One year ago to the day, I stood back from Cirque of the Towers with a similar view and an impressionable gaze… inspired to start climbing, promising myself I’d return with a rope on my back. It was now day 6 on my second trip to The Winds. With two major routes […]… Continue Reading

This was our home for over 5 days… Bellies full of trout, we constantly stared at the looming tower above. After climbing the  The Wolf’s Head, our attention turned to this 11,884 foot center piece of The Cirque. The Pingora formation is flanked by impeccable granite on all sides with a number of classic lines […]… Continue Reading

This is the story of my first alpine rock climb… one of three summits we stood on during our 10 days of backpacking in Wyoming’s Wind River Range. I’ve been climbing for only 6 months now but in that time, i’ve accumulated a proper trad rack and have jammed my way up as many granite […]… Continue Reading

For the past month, I’ve been exploring a new range, living on the euphoria of new experience and feel like I’ve discovered a piece of something I’ve been looking for my entire life. It may be obvious that I have a love for the mountains, but have barely left the relatively small Wasatch Range for […]… Continue Reading

Pouch on the ups. Ultra endurance formula. Had my eye on this beast for a whiiile now… one day it will happen. Peak #1. A crispy turn or two off the high ridgelines but the goods are always lurking below… Stoked! 2 more to go… Up through the stoney trees… And into the cold smoke […]… Continue Reading

With so many days on the mountain, it been hard to balance shredding with editing. A little behind on the blog reel and there’s been a lot of tours with incredible snowboarding experiences yet minimal photos… the following is a mixed bag from late Jan – early Feb. This peak was a damn good time… […]… Continue Reading

Sunrise is best spent in the aspens. Fresh snow trauma all around. Stripped bark and trees piled on trees is a clear sign from Mother Nature… I like to call this area the War Zone. You can’t really go anywhere without being right at the bottom of some huge slide path so choosing the right […]… Continue Reading

Been havin a lot of really good days lately… and one bad day where one of my external hard drives shit the bed. I lost far too much including recent shots from steep chutes down south and some A grade timelapses. A little behind on the blog and still trying to recover files, but here’s […]… Continue Reading

A new place… In the approach gully, I realized I had forgotten my camera batteries… I flipped a bitch and rode back to the truck to grab em and didn’t catch up to the fellas till the summit ridge. Sure glad I remembered… Coulter walkin on the moon. Menacing. Beautiful. Ideal…  Mr. Harris dropping in. […]… Continue Reading

I heard it snowed a little bit while I was gone…. Completely unnecessary but we love this kinna stuff. And we love this even more. Mark leading the charge. Bout to rally this shredboard allll the way down. Deepness for the entirety and the bottom was littered with natural hips and lips galore. Too bad […]… Continue Reading