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Big Cottonwood Canyon: Spruces Campground, up Mill D North Fork to the top of Birthday Chute above Dog Lake and back. Elevations: 7,300′ – 9,330′ This fork is the best place to go in high avy conditions. Everything is wooded, low angle and covered in deep fluff. Moose on the trail. Hope I dont get […]… Continue Reading

Big Cottonwood Canyon: Spruces Campground, up Mill D North to Short Swing Peak and reverse. Elevations: 7,400′ – 9225′ Our summit as seen from my driveway. Avy danger is really high right now so keepin it low angle and gladed is the way to go. Mark and I were interested in checkin out the unstable […]… Continue Reading

….the backcountry is on hold.  Our snowpack right now is definitely a sketchy one to say the least. New snow and wind deposits are covering up a nasty crust layer that is sandwiched by two layers of facets. With widespread human triggered slides all over the mountain range, its all about finding pow in bounds. […]… Continue Reading

Believe it or not, these next few photos were taken with just moonlight. 30 sec f/ 5.6 The night before, a whole grip of us decided to hike up from the neighborhood in the full moon and check out the Willow Heights beaver pond. Imagine 15 stumbling people walking a mile in the snow in the […]… Continue Reading

The snow has been so good up on Pioneer that it keeps bringin us back. There was some wind deposits from the wind last night on high ridgelines so we thought the upper entrance of the V Tree Couloir might be fun.  Hikin up, there was no wind but the clouds were moving at mach […]… Continue Reading

Big Cottonwood Canyon: Brighton Crest chair to Pioneer ridge to upper Dog Lake chutes and back to B Town. Can’t go split till my new skins come in so its all about bootin the ridges. The upper elevation shady slopes definitely have the best snow in the tri canyons rite now. Top of the first […]… Continue Reading

Little Cottonwood Canyon: Up Superior’s main apron and reverse. The crew: Mark, Robin & Pat  11″ of epic fluff and first tracks! 5 am in the the driveway. Imagine tryin to take a dook in the out house. Started up in the dark with numb fingers and let Mark break trail for us (thanks buddy). […]… Continue Reading

After a few park laps, Alex, Travis and I thought we’d take a little stroll in the Brighton backcountry. Leavin the Crest lift we headed up Pioneer ridge to the upper Dog Lake chutes. Passed up the first summit and took a minute to chillax. Zoomed look at Sunset Peak with my neighbor Topher’s tracks […]… Continue Reading

Little and Big Cottonwood Canyons: Town of Alta to Cardiff pass, down the Eyebrow and out Reynolds flat to the BCC road. Elevations: 7,200 – 10,420 Leaving the Alta lot with Mark, I forgot my headlamp but it wasnt long before the first light hit the snow. The perks of wakin up early. The Pfeifferhorn, […]… Continue Reading

  Got a late start up to Brighton’s Twin Lakes and decided to do some shredboarding. Jarvis thought it’d be a good idea to drop it from the top. Alex and Jake sessioned the wallride and then it was an icy race to the bottom.    … Continue Reading

This is the first of a series of B&W prints i’ll be makin this week. All of em were taken during that week of waist deep pow in early November. Backcountry conditions couldnt be much worse right now so its the darkroom and park laps at Brighton till it snows again. My scanner is kindof […]… Continue Reading

Little & Big Cottonwood Canyons: Alta top lot, up Grizzly Gulch to Davenport. North facing West Bowl shoulder to my cabin. We got started dawn patrol style. Couldnt see a thing till about half way up Grizzly when we got our first look at the ridge. Can you see Pyramid Gap? Confused. Clouds rolled in […]… Continue Reading

First day on the new Rome Design split setup! Big Cottonwood Canyon: my cabin to the top of Powderhorn, down Diamond Lane to Main Street and into the trees to upper soli village. Elevations: 7,725′ – 9,888 2,163′ up, 1,688 down My place is about a half mile outta view to the right. Home.  Headin […]… Continue Reading

Big Cottonwood Canyon: Brighton parking lot to the top of Great Western to Hidden Canyon and back to Brighton. Elevations: 8,730′ – 10,721′ At the lot strappin in to dem snowshoes. The group was Zach, Crystal and myself. Weird. Alllmost to the top. Good thing for us, theyre tryin to open next week so they […]… Continue Reading

Little & Big Cottonwood Canyons : Alta to the Bonezone, then Brighton. Sunday night at work, it just kept dumping. Hoping that the wet snow would cover a few rocks, I made plans with Mark for a dawn patrol mission at Alta. 5:30 am at the mouth of Little Cottonwood. Booted up and got to […]… Continue Reading