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So the sun has been having its way with our beautiful powder. Everything is total crap but we wanted to get out anyway and do some looking around for new chutes and cliffs for the next storm. None of us had been here in the winter but I was returning to the site of my […]… Continue Reading

This is the route to the north summit of Timpanogos. The Cold Fusion Couloir is the first summit before the saddle and final stretch to the peak. 6,000 feet of climbing is involved. Started off with a 5 am breakfast at Denny’s. Egg sandwich and hash browns is where its at. There she is. The north […]… Continue Reading

Tanners Gulch description: WARNING: Do this route only between early May and late June or early July. This is one of the worst avalanche chutes in the country, so don’t attempt it in winter. Summer and fall are also unpleasant and not very safe because of loose rock and scree. When it’s the right […]… Continue Reading

Millcreek Canyon: Porter Fork, up Gobblers Knob to Cabin Run and back. My new thing is that I wunna tour in this canyon every monday and wednesday after photo class. I know absolutely nothing about this area so we set out for who knows what. Tyler has by far the best sticker job i’ve seen. […]… Continue Reading

LCC: White Pine trailhead to Pink Pine ridge and back. First shredders to the lot…. except Johnny Law and the UDOT guy warning us that they will be shooting bombs into the fog… always gives you that warm fuzzy feeling. On the ridge lookin back to the TH. Trailbreaking was unreal. My ski tips just […]… Continue Reading

LCC: White Pine Trailhead to Maybird Gulch and out The Tube. All photos labeled SK are by Sean Kerrick Started the morning off right with the breakfast of champions. SK And some sweet splitboard jibbing. Look at that style! Rounded the corner into Red Pine. Sean with his fancy shmancy Mark II. This is the […]… Continue Reading

Little Cottonwood Canyon: White Pine trailhead, up White Pine to the Pink Pine ridgeline and back. All photos labeled SK are by Sean. Check out more of his work here. SK Started off the day right by loadin up Sean’s crock pot. Lettin it cook while we go shred.  It’s his first time on a […]… Continue Reading

Big Cottonwood Canyon: Up Argenta to the Kessler summit ridge, west to the Naval, down the upper chutes, back up to the north facing bowls, out to the finger couloirs and down to the highway. On the ridge lookin back down the skin track. You can see where the 98 heli bomb triggered slide took […]… Continue Reading

Big Cottonwood Canyon: Spruces campground to Tom Foolery, to Reynolds summit, down the east face, up Tom’s and down the east shot to the road. So the day started off with an attempt at the Argenta slide path with Mark. It’s my first day on my new split and I’m retarded and setup my climbing […]… Continue Reading

Little Cottonwood Canyon: White Pine trailhead, up White Pine to Birthday Chute ridge and back. Yesterday was so good in White Pine that another visit was in order. This time checkin out the west aspects. The upper cirque. Red Baldy, White Baldy and Lake Peak. Headed up to the zone just north of the Birthday […]… Continue Reading

Little Cottonwood Canyon: White Pine trailhead to upper White Pine and reverse. A saturday morning late start with a fat crew of hungry powder hounds. Dan the Man, Mark, Robin, The Infidel, The Apprentice and David.  Jack pot! I decided to leave my camera behind for a lighter pack on the cliff. A perfect setup […]… Continue Reading

Big Cottonwood Canyon: S Curve, up Broads Fork to the second meadow, up Bonkers to Storm Mountain and down Stairs Gulch Elevations: 5,500′ – 10,450′ Stairs Gulch in late April of last season. Definitely one of the King sized lines in the Wasatch. Theres such a difference in elevation that the snow will stay up […]… Continue Reading

Big Cottonwood Canyon: Up Argenta slide path to Kessler summit, down the entrance of the West Couloir and up to Kessler South, down NW Couloir and out Mineral Fork. Elevations: 6,500′ – 10,401′ The Argenta Couloir yesterday was so epic, I decided to bring some homies back up to Kessler and drop a bigger line into […]… Continue Reading

Big Cottonwood Canyon: Up Argenta slide path to the west ridge. About 30 feet shy of the Kessler summit, out to the Argenta Couloir and down the halfpipe to the road. Elevations: 6,900′ – 10,403′ Kessler Peak as seen from Mill D North. Yet another beautiful sunrise in the Wasatch. Bout 2/3 of the way […]… Continue Reading

Little and Big Cottonwoods: Alta Guard Station to Mount Superior, down the south face & back to Alta, around to Brighton to Dog Lake and up the north Pioneer ridge to Dog Bowl and back to Brighton. Mount Superior. The south face is one of the most classic lines in the mountain range. With over […]… Continue Reading