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Another early morning start in suburbia. Entering the snow jungle. We are a little retarded and didnt find the access road. Instead, we took the never ending hateful bushwack. How do I get myself into these situations? Finally! After almost 4 hours of bullshit, we emerged from the bushwack from hell. Even though we were […]… Continue Reading

After spendin the night in Christmas Valley with some new friends I made via hitch hiking… It was time to begin the day I’ve been waiting for. SO much pow and sunshine. Does it really get any better? You know what they say… “Good things come to people who stay in California long enough for […]… Continue Reading

Whatta wonderful sight to wake up to. Another successful night of poaching the Motel 6 parking lot. This was just icing on the cake…. or shoe box in this case. More and more snow with elevation gain. Hopefully I slept in long enough for someone to break trail for me. Noice! I talked to a […]… Continue Reading

Another day with shitty snow but its also another day to bag a peak. So we’re off through the bushes. Theres a storm on tap for tonight….. here it comes. Headed for Rolstonia. Almost there… Chillin. Chris checkin out a super gnar dog line. Karate Kid! Southwest towards Sierra at Tahoe. Don’t trip! The storm […]… Continue Reading

After chewin the fat and skating the Volcom park for another 4 hours, I thought I’d take a stroll up to Lake Tahoe. Checked out a coupla trailheads in Mammoth. And took a drive through the woods. On the road again…. headed north.  Made it to the Gardnerville skatepark just in time for a sunset […]… Continue Reading

Finally! Doin what I came here to do! The snow wasnt the greatest but its all about new experiences and checkin out the Range of Light. I met up with Chris and Dan to check out Horse Creek Canyon. These guys are good people to follow in the California backcountry. Chris (left) is the founder […]… Continue Reading

First things first… I had to check out the Volcom park. Too much snow to skate most of it. But that didnt stop us. Far and away the most unique features of any skatepark I’ve seen. You can do stalls and wallrides on all the rocks. You could skate here everyday and find some new […]… Continue Reading

  Drivin west. Crossed the border. And into the desert. After not seeing a soul for 200 miles, hitting a cat and a few close calls with some giant rabbits, I called it a day. Woke up, made some bacon and hit the road again. Oh… I will. Lookin out towards Mammoth Mountain.… Continue Reading

Half way up the Y by sunrise. I was pretty gripped at this point. We came upon a huge debris pile at the bottom of the couloir in the dark….the whole thing must have flushed out during the storm. You could tell where it slid by all the sections of exposed ice at 45-50 degrees. […]… Continue Reading

Ah yes, back in the Wilderness.  Greybird? Its gunna be deep! The Powder Whores broke trail for us. Thru the aspens. To the top of Circle Awl Peak. Lookin towards the mouth of the canyon. After some hot choco and tangerines, it was time for the shoulder shot. and into the gully. Tyler got a […]… Continue Reading

Box Elder An 11,000 foot peak that sits high above the town on Alpine. A 5,000 foot climb over 5 miles and a perfect thing to attempt on my 100th day of shredding this season. Some fast moving clouds draped the peaks with sunrise. Little did we know what we were getting ourselves into. We […]… Continue Reading

Another beautiful day in the mountains. At the top of this hill, we stopped to check out a snow pit that was made by the guys who broke trail. As soon as I started skinning again, I began to slip on the crust layer. The whole pocket just ripped out and took me down into […]… Continue Reading

After skateboarding for a few days, it was time to get back on the mountain. We had to drive down to the desert to take care of some traffic violations so we figured…. why not explore some new terrain in the southern Wasatch? Drivin along, we found this rad little waterfall. Skate shoes and ice […]… Continue Reading

All photos of me are by Brook Golling. 3.5 miles in, there were lots of Wasatch wiggles on Red Pine Peak. Headin up, we could see our sunset run on White Baldy to the left.  Brook lookin back with Tanners Gulch right above me.  Alpine Ridge lookin east. And west. If you look close, you can […]… Continue Reading

Snow conditions are pretty rough right now. A huge contrast to the waist deep pow last week. The radar showed a little storm comin in that hit Ogden and Logan so we decided to go for a drive. I have never been farther north than Layton skatepark so it was time for some new experiences. […]… Continue Reading