Railroad Earth – Right In Tune (Live at Yarmony Grass)

The plan was to drive to Colorado for a three day Bluegrass festival called Yarmony Grass. It featured all of the side projects from The String Cheese Incident, Keller Williams, Railroad Earth and a handful of other bands. My long time friend Marissa flew out just for the occasion from Georgia. A day or two in Salt Lake and we were on our way.

About five hours in, we stopped at the Josh Malay Memorial skatepark in Edwards, Colorado.  Josh was a highly respected pro snowboarder from Vail and his park is unbelievable. 

Met some friendly locals, got the shot, skated for a couple hours and hit the road. I’ll be back.

Relaxin at Anthony’s cabin near Evergreen after a long drive. Him and his girlfriend drove up from Boulder just to let us in for the night. Thanks buddy!

Woke up to some nasty weather but we made a new friend.

Off to the show. Loki thought it would be fun to chase us over two miles up the road before giving up.

Went thru South Park.

Got to Copper Mountain as the sun went down just in time to catch Strings for Industry with Michael Kang. Afterwards, things got pretty interesting in the Revival Tent with performances from Greensky Bluegrass and Cornmeal. Too much fun for photos.

Day two. We got some snow overnight and all was good in the Colorado Rockies. A whole grip of my buddies from boulder made it up for the weekend. My old friend Anthony, David and Matt. The line-up: Keith Moseley & Friends, Kyle Hollingsworth, Bruce Hayes, The Emmit-Nershi Band, Railroad Earth (EPIC), and Keller Williams with Moseley, Droll and Sipe.

Marissa doin her thang.

Keller doin his.

It got pretty crazy in the Revival Tent. After EOTO and their jamtronica, The Rebel Alliance Jam was up. The String Cheese Incident broke up a year ago and it was the first time anyone had seen em all on stage together since then. The only exception was Kyle.

And ofcourse, Keller made an appearance with the group.

After another night spent in the shoe box due to hectic weather, we decided to head to frisco for some rain jackets. A very good idea. Who woulda thought it would snow in early August? 

Day three: Peter Rowan & Friends, Hot Buttered Rum (above), Big Water, Honkytonk Homeslice, Jessica Kilroy, Railroad Earth, and Railroad Earth/Yarmony Grass Joint Set. 

The Hot Buttered Rum boys.

Bill Nershi from String Cheese sat in for a few.

Honkytonk Homeslice. Bill and his wife Jilian.

Keith Moseley on the bass.

The sun decided to come out just for Railroad Earth.

Pretty much every member from every band at the festival came out at the end to play. A cover of Roadhouse Blues by the Doors was ridiculous.

And that was it….. couldnt of been any better.

The next day, I wanted to drive thru winter park just for nostalgic reasons and stumbled upon this epic new skatepark that just opened in the town of Fraser. This bowl…..

Connects to this bowl thru the spine on the upper right.

And this is the street course. I skated for a couple more hours and started feelin hungry.

A must for any visit to Winter Park.

On the road again. 

Passed by Granby Lake.

Somewhere in the middle of the Utah desert, I got tired of drivin so we spent yet another night in the shoe box at a rest stop. Woke up ready for more and decided to head to the La Sal Mountains right above the red rocks of Moab. Moo cows were lurking in the hills.

Took a stroll thru the forest.

And it was time to head home. Whatta trip.