Mount Raymond. Such a classic line. This is a mountain everyone wants to shred because it stares you in the face your whole drive down the canyon. I’ve only been to the summit in the summer time but today it was time to strap in my snowboard at the top.

Not too much snow at the trailhead.

There were a few of these.

But after the gully..

It was all sun baked goodness.

Kessler all the way to the Twins. 

Wet slides were everywhere. Best to let everything cool down. Theres a coupla tracks off the shoulder.

Creamy wiggles.

From the top of the slide, it looked fun but we had bigger plans. In the background, you can see where I got my first powder self portraits.

Kessler’s Argenta Couloir and upper NW Couloir.

Mount Superior , the Room Of Doom and Monte Cristo

East Bowl of Silver Fork, Fantasy Ridge and Flanigans

There it is…. so close.

Just gotta follow the wolverine tracks.

Check out those glide slides.

You dont wunna be underneath all that.

A few more twists and turns.

Ah yes…. the summit.

I swear, those last 20 steps to the top are always so exciting. All you hear is your breathing and all you see is the snow in front of you until suddenly, your blank horizon line starts to reveal snowy peaks and distant ridgelines. You pop out on top, look all around and let out some ridiculous yell. Nothing else could possibly phase your mind. I just can’t get enough of it.

Here comes alecs for his last 20.

Its a good feeling.

Lookin out over Mt Olympus and beyond.

And epic views out into Broads Fork. Dromedary , Sunrise, Twin Peaks and Bonkers (the route to Storm Mountain. The other side is the notorious south facing slide path, Tanners Gulch

At the top of Storm Mountain is the 5,000 foot couloir, Stairs Gulch . Its crazy to think Dan and I were jumpin off those little chocolate chips you see right off the summit.

A full length look at Kessler’s NW Couloir and Alta’s Mt Baldy.

Here’s some crazy shit I’ve never touched. That huge sloping ramp in the middle is called Rampage. With 600+ feet of exposure at all times, only the likes of ski mountaineer legend Andrew Mclean and friends have skied it. I bet no snowboarders have ever climbed it. The even crazier one on the left is called Captain Insane-o. Theres no record of anyone hitting it.

This is another ridiculous line that only Mclean has dropped off Dromedary. Absolute madness. I’d love to do both of those one day.

One last look into the sunset.

A couple more photos.

And it was off the peak into the upper couloir.

The next day, I went on a different kind of tour. A skatepark tour to Draper and South Jordan with lots of good homies. Jake got this photo of me early on. Thanks buddy! Just grab rail and touch sky!

Then a little sunset hike up Mill B North.

For a camp out.

And more good times with friends.

Utah is the shit!