Another spring day with fresh powdah…. you gotta love it.

So we headed across the aspens.

And up through the pines.

Gettin up above the road, the wind kept things cool.

Pretty amazing to see the pillow wonderland untracked. Once the resort closes, this canyon is a ghost town.

A few more steps to the summit.

And a wider view one of my favorite places in the world…. Brighton.

West towards the mouth of the canyon.

And north towards Reynolds Peak and the Tom’s/Birthday area.

This is an epic place to check out the mountains for me. I could see tons of peaks and lines I’ve done this season. The best days of my life have been in this huge backyard of mine.

Pioneer Ridge and the V Tree Couloir.

Mount Superior. We got that one with 36″ of fresh. Twin Lakes Pass and Fantasy Ridge. 

Dromedary in the background.

Kessler Peak. The high point of the Argenta Couloir and the NW Couloir (where I snapped my Rome splitboard). Silver Fork’s very own Meadow Chutes right behind my cabin (that was a good day). Last but not least, the site of my very first skin and splitboard run… Solitude’s Powderhorn. 

Gobblers Knob and Mount Raymond. I’ll be puttin up a new trip report of Raymond soon. Here’s a summer journey.

A look past the PC Ridgeline and up towards the Northern Wasatch and allll the way to the end of the mountain range.

Enough lookin around reminiscing…. Its time to do what we came here for.

Buttery goodness all the way to the bottom of the NE face. We climbed back up to the top and dropped the NW facing Redwoods back to the Guard Road. Good times with my good friends Zach and Cindy.

Nothin like ending a day with spicy wings, nachos and a sunset skatepark session with more good friends. I love the spring time.