I aim to tell a story with my photography. My best moments in life come to me through the mountains and there’s no better way to document them than through imagery. These two days were some of my best and bagging these lines back to back was special for me because they were two that I had worked really hard for the previous year, but was denied the summit only 300-500 feet from the top. The first was from a natural slide almost taking us out on the final couloir and the second was from an intense storm on the summit ridge. This year was a different story…

Day 1

A dark approach is mandatory for these huge south facing couloirs. With so many slide paths aiming down on your head, you’ve got to race the sun.

First light and perfect silence in the alpine. What more could you want?

Just the right amount of clouds and a light wind were keeping things cool and the snow in place for us. It was about this time last year that slide came barrelling down on us at the mouth of the couloir.

4,000 feet of blower beneath our feet. Here we go…

Conditions weren’t bad.

Here’s a shot Alecs got of me coming outta one of the many options on the face.

If this place wasn’t so terrifying, I’d come here everyday!

Day 2

Another 4am start. Those first rays of sunlight sure feel good in the morning!

Seeing a hawk at eye level is always a sign of a good day.

ZG on the summit ridge. ┬áDon’t get too close to those cornices!

It was about here that a freak storm blew in on us (last season) and forced us to retreat down the Northeast Face (right).

Definitely bluebird today!

I could hardly believe it! I had wanted this peak so badly for so long and was now standing on top in ideal conditions! Strap em in… 6,000 feet to the car!

There goes mark wigglin into the distance.

Photo: Mark Hammond

I don’t think i’ve ever gone so fast on my snowboard.

Jordan lovin it.

4 very happy people.

Outta there.