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Pouch on the ups. Ultra endurance formula. Had my eye on this beast for a whiiile now… one day it will happen. Peak #1. A crispy turn or two off the high ridgelines but the goods are always lurking below… Stoked! 2 more to go… Up through the stoney trees… And into the cold smoke […]… Continue Reading

With so many days on the mountain, it been hard to balance shredding with editing. A little behind on the blog reel and there’s been a lot of tours with incredible snowboarding experiences yet minimal photos… the following is a mixed bag from late Jan – early Feb. This peak was a damn good time… […]… Continue Reading

Sunrise is best spent in the aspens. Fresh snow trauma all around. Stripped bark and trees piled on trees is a clear sign from Mother Nature… I like to call this area the War Zone. You can’t really go anywhere without being right at the bottom of some huge slide path so choosing the right […]… Continue Reading