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Been havin a lot of really good days lately… and one bad day where one of my external hard drives shit the bed. I lost far too much including recent shots from steep chutes down south and some A grade timelapses. A little behind on the blog and still trying to recover files, but here’s […]… Continue Reading

A new place… In the approach gully, I realized I had forgotten my camera batteries… I flipped a bitch and rode back to the truck to grab em and didn’t catch up to the fellas till the summit ridge. Sure glad I remembered… Coulter walkin on the moon. Menacing. Beautiful. Ideal… ┬áMr. Harris dropping in. […]… Continue Reading

I heard it snowed a little bit while I was gone…. Completely unnecessary but we love this kinna stuff. And we love this even more. Mark leading the charge. Bout to rally this shredboard allll the way down. Deepness for the entirety and the bottom was littered with natural hips and lips galore. Too bad […]… Continue Reading