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December is Avalanche Awareness Month and this is the story of my close call last season. My hopes is that this will motivate you to brush up on your beacon skills or sign up for the next level in avalanche classes. We throw ourselves into hazardous terrain all in the name of fun but bad […]… Continue Reading

Well it looks like we may have just experienced the best pre-season imaginable. Storms have been stacked since October, couldn’t ask for better stability, and it’s making us all feel pretty damn good about havin 801 for an area code. I think it’s safe to say the “pre-season” is over now with up to 13 […]… Continue Reading

Introducing my new ultra-light, eco-friendly, highly technical mountain tool. Took em out for a 5,200 foot stroll and I give em 2 thumbs up! Actually no I’m just a dumbass and forgot my poles. Ended up finding some great snow despite the warming and wind. It’s hidden out there all over the place. Coulter on […]… Continue Reading