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Riming event. Photo: Pouch Photo: Pouch… Continue Reading

Its been a cold one out there. Mostly negative digits with day in and day out of storm shredding as our snowpacks biulds by the hour. A clearing was scheduled for Thanksgiving so we headed to Wasangeles! This is the single most populated backcountry area I know about. It gets hammered constantly by the helis […]… Continue Reading

November 20-22, 2010 With major low pressure on the way and dropping temps, no better time to post up in our Tee Pee and weather the storm. It snowed about 30 inches while I was there… hangin out and shreddin pow with lots of good friends (even made some new ones). The great thing about […]… Continue Reading

Definitely startin to look like winter! I’m beginning to remember how much I love the days where you wake up, strap on the headlamp and scarf down a Clif bar on the skin track. First turn with first light. The line dropped into a halfpipe gully, with slasher walls to make us pretend we were […]… Continue Reading

I aim to tell a story with my photography. My best moments in life come to me through the mountains and there’s no better way to document them than through imagery. These two days were some of my best and bagging these lines back to back was special for me because they were two that […]… Continue Reading

128 Days 316,000′ up Not a single chairlift. Zach Grant Jake Lawlor Forrest Shearer Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Forrest’s Tracks Desert Shred Jake Lawlor Tony Pavlantos Danimal Tony Jake Brook Golling Brook Golling Zach Grant Zach Grant Danimal Alecs Barton My Tracks My Eyes Danimal Jay Welz… Continue Reading