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It has definitely been an exciting week here in the Wasatch. Once our friend Powder came back in full force, there was super high avy danger, Umphrey’s Mcgee live, desert road trip and lots of shredding all the while trying to battle a gnarly sickness. I’ve taken countless photos and a bit of shaky helmet […]… Continue Reading

Skoooo wweeeeeee! It finally started nuking again in the Wasatch! For a while there, it was looking pretty grim. There’s a lotta new snow out there and more on the way! A few avalanches came down naturally during the most intense part of the storm. Pick one and use it as an up route. Absolutely […]… Continue Reading

Utah hasn’t seen a storm in a REALLY long time. Might as well go check every aspect and elevation in the southern and central Wasatch for good snow. I have avy class every Friday in LCC so it’s a race against time. Good thing we’re splitboarders. Don’t wunna get busted in AF. People have been […]… Continue Reading

Cat n mouse game. Broke in the skinner… All the way to the top. Raymond and Kessler in the background. There’s some good shredding to be had. Feels great to be up here… might as well put on your gas mask if your down there. Perfect conditions. So good I had to check out another […]… Continue Reading

We left camp dark n early for another sunrise in the upper cirque. Alarm clock, cliff bar, safety meeting, frozen boots then strap on the ol headlamp… we’re off. Fresh Manbearpig tracks. I love this part. The moooooon. Then first tracks down the powder pipe! 3,000 feet of tube shredding just wasn’t enough so we […]… Continue Reading

READY. The crew. After hours skinning through the storm, we stumbled upon the Mouna Bowa Teepee. Definitely the first people here this winter and I was the only one to come stock it in the summer. This place is awesome. We quickly made ourselves at home. It was still early so I ventured off solo […]… Continue Reading

The West Face… 6,000 feet of climbing to the summit and lookin pretty good right now considering the snow faucet has only been dripping on us this season. A few of these… Covered the first 2 grand of vert in less than an hour… And caught the dawn. Just in time to pop outta the […]… Continue Reading

Mount Raymond… a 3,800 foot vertical drop from summit to road. To catch it on a sunny day with blower pow is one of the funnest things you can do with your life as a snowboarder. This mountain stares you in the face the entire drive down the canyon with its unique summit pyramid hanging […]… Continue Reading

Ohhhh yess… Back in Utah after 10 days on the ice coast. Good times with friends n family but it feels amazing to be back in the powdery mountains that I call home. I came back to the cabin to find my brand spankin new rocker twin tip Venture Helix split waiting for me. Time […]… Continue Reading