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So we all came to the conclusion… its about time to break in The Tee Pee n do some winter camping action. We missioned up in the darkness, crossed the path of yet another avalanche and set up shop on a perfect clear & calm night.  We shared some heady brews, boxed wine, passed the […]… Continue Reading

I havn’t seen a sunrise in the valley in a looong time so I definitely picked the right morning to get the wood pellets at Home Depot to heat the cabin. It didn’t even look real. After putting away the lens, I just sat there gazing out the window thinkin about how epic our home […]… Continue Reading

Mount Raymond And the valley floor. A few stomps on the ridge and the spider cracks shot out… it just didnt want to go anywhere. Full depth slide on Reynolds triggered by  The Wizard and still nothin on the Wilson Chutes. A look at the full burial slide on Cardiac Ridge and other enormous glide […]… Continue Reading

This is THE place for high avy danger. Its about as dodgy as it gets out there so when in doubt, go to The Rest Home. Lappin it up in balls deep pow on The Birthday Chute. B Town. Looks good for tomorrow.… Continue Reading

Well we asked for snow and hot damn…. thats what we got. 48 inches in 48 hours at the higher elevations and much warmer temps. This is EXACTLY what we needed. It just turned into mid winter all of a sudden. This makes for the happiest dog on the planet. There’s no way to drive […]… Continue Reading

Kevin’s first day on a splitboard ever, Ally’s first day on snow after 4 months in Yosemite and possibly the coldest temps I’ve ever felt….  Stoked to bring out the homies for some freshies. Gettin the hang of it. Might as well let the rookie break to the top. Basking in the glory of his […]… Continue Reading

Between all the backyard mini jib shreddin, school, and wrappin up the skate season, I’ve managed to get out in the backcountry a bit while we all sit around and wait for a real storm to hit the Wasatch. If your patient enough, you can pretty much watch the snow rot out and recrystalize at […]… Continue Reading