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I just can’t get enough of this zone. I was up here 2 days ago and ran into some serious wind slab so it was obvious I had to rebate the line after a foot of fresh.  Right back to the headwall for some fun before class and a little warm up film session of […]… Continue Reading

So we decided to do a gang attack of The Bird Cirque today. Our mountains got another foot of fresh and we knew that nobody would think to go here cause the other side of the resort is open for business now. Just to be sure we started stupid early. Doin work. Thats the beautiful […]… Continue Reading

Through the destruction path. And into the arena. The Line. Followed Mar’s tracks… And booted the last stretch. To the ridge walk. Tyler’s very first turn of the 09-10 season! Lovin it. He had to run off to work but I decided to stick around for more of the goods. The head stash. This little […]… Continue Reading

The Room of Doom. Okay so it didnt look like this… More like this. Sunriiiise. When the face made a sudden change in angle, we dug a hastey pit to see how deep it was up here. Suprisingly, we couldnt find the ground right away. We figured it was justa little wind blown so I decided […]… Continue Reading

I had so much fun shreddin pow with the boys yesterday, I thought i’d go for a dawn patrol with more  buddies to The Bird Cirque. Maybe get some more clean lines. Sunrise on Superior. Pretty crazy to think we were just riding the other side of that mountain. Lapped up the back bowls for […]… Continue Reading

Got the crew together for another attempt at The Soup. The snow wasn’t so hot last time so it’s off into the darkness again… We somehow got bamboozled on the 3 mile approach to the mine and ended up having more fun than we needed to. Did some jimmy fandangling… And set up camp for […]… Continue Reading

It snowed 3 inches at my cabin. Best check out the backyard. Started out lookin like this.. 3 miles later, ended up lookin like this. Gotta love this view. Alta and Snowbird… The Pfiefferhorn lookin all ominous. Main Baldy Chute? Check. Superior? Check. And more snow on the way. Do it again tomorrow? Line #1 […]… Continue Reading

(Photo by Kevin) Did some wheelie boardin at the mouth of the canyon… Then got a crew together for a stroll up to The Tee Pee. Guyzer and Kevin lead the way. Kasen dug a quick snow pit to check the stability. He gave us the go ahead so we kept climbin. He didnt like […]… Continue Reading

Guest photos by Sean It all started at about 9pm thursday night. I suddenly got motivated to get after the north face of Superior thinkin there might be some trace of what might be considered powder up there. I missed out on a weekend of the goods while I was at Phish Fest so I […]… Continue Reading

On the road, headed to southern Utah. Through Beaver… Had a parrot stare us down on the highway. And made it into Vegas just in time to pick up my buddy Marissa flyin in from Georgia. Next stop… Sunny California. The festival was on a Polo Feild with acres upon acres of green grass. Perfect […]… Continue Reading