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I didn’t take many photos today but there’s definitely a story the shots don’t tell you. The morning started off with mellow temps, no wind and some flakes flyin. A 5am start meant breaking trail from the lot and since Kevin was being a champion and booting, I set in the skinner with my snowlerblades […]… Continue Reading

After a camping trip with a buncha friends in Negro Bill Canyon, Moab… We left the desert and were met with a foot of powdah in the high country. This calls for another dawn patrol mission with Mark, Kevin & Danimal. We all had to be at work/school by 930 so we left the headlamps… […]… Continue Reading

So its snowing in the mountains… ¬†Time to scramble for the rock boards and hike into the darkness! We’re kindof ridiculous (and I got a new tent) so we camped out and stared at our line in the moonlight. Dan enjoying the view… High above the city lights before sunrise. Just enough light to see […]… Continue Reading

Onward with the homies. I love the fall. Natural Rasta stripe. Reynolds Peak. First look at the target… Mount Raymond. And into the Enchanted Forest. “duuurp” Keep truckin. Up,up,up…. The local hardmen were watching us. Some steepness… And the summit was ours. Just in time for the sunset. ¬† Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. […]… Continue Reading