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The highest summit in Utah Kings Peak in the High Uintas 44 miles in 48 hours & approx 7k of climbing. So the trip began with a bit of a rough start. Our original idea was to approach from the south via the Yellowstone drainage. After drivin dirt roads for miles and miles, we were […]… Continue Reading

Here’s a few shots from my travels to Mammoth, Yosemite and Tahoe… Up high. Even higher. Half Dome. Legendary for big wall climbing. Found a coupla dudes on El Capitan. You can see the guy belaying with his big bag of gear to the left.  I checked their progress and it took em three days […]… Continue Reading

For those of you who have been to a Phish show, I need not explain a thing. You know exactly what its like. All I can say to the people who havn’t is that after you’ve gone, no other concert could compare. It’s not just the music, the experience tickles all the senses and the […]… Continue Reading

Went up Bell (left) today to see if i could shoot a coupla photos. Good views into the Crows Feet zone (right). Zoomed. From the top in march. Besides all the unnecessary bushwacking, that was a damn good day. Bubbles. And reflections. Then a glorious sunset at the fall. Last spring. My sister ended up […]… Continue Reading

Justa nice n easy stroll up outta the neighborhood… Through the aspens… And up to the beaver pond. Soakin in the views of Fantasy Ridge. Dan decided to go for a dip. Thought I’d leave all the bugs… For the leeezards. Perfect and undisturbed wilderness. The very next day, I saw this exact photo printed […]… Continue Reading