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Same neighborhood…. different street. My buddy Guy’s cabin (pronounced Gee). He was nice enough to offer me a room in his house on the hill. My first day there was a powder day. Thats gotta mean somthing. The site of last years quarter pipe keg party. There just wasnt enough snow to do it this […]… Continue Reading

Words can’t even describe how good Utah has been. 150 inches fell in less than a week right in my own backyard. A lot of time has been spent with no backpack and no camera. Just cruising Brighton in 100% blower pow with tons of good friends. I can only go so long without bringin […]… Continue Reading

¬†After a week of countless pow laps at Brighton with all the homies, it was time to get out the camera again and take a journey into the backyard from Solitude. I havn’t worked an hour there in a long time but my pass still worked so it was off to the summit lift. Startin […]… Continue Reading

Another early morning start in suburbia. Entering the snow jungle. We are a little retarded and didnt find the access road. Instead, we took the never ending hateful bushwack. How do I get myself into these situations? Finally! After almost 4 hours of bullshit, we emerged from the bushwack from hell. Even though we were […]… Continue Reading

After spendin the night in Christmas Valley with some new friends I made via hitch hiking… It was time to begin the day I’ve been waiting for. SO much pow and sunshine. Does it really get any better? You know what they say… “Good things come to people who stay in California long enough for […]… Continue Reading

Whatta wonderful sight to wake up to. Another successful night of poaching the Motel 6 parking lot. This was just icing on the cake…. or shoe box in this case. More and more snow with elevation gain. Hopefully I slept in long enough for someone to break trail for me. Noice! I talked to a […]… Continue Reading

Another day with shitty snow but its also another day to bag a peak. So we’re off through the bushes. Theres a storm on tap for tonight….. here it comes. Headed for Rolstonia. Almost there… Chillin. Chris checkin out a super gnar dog line. Karate Kid! Southwest towards Sierra at Tahoe. Don’t trip! The storm […]… Continue Reading

After chewin the fat and skating the Volcom park for another 4 hours, I thought I’d take a stroll up to Lake Tahoe. Checked out a coupla trailheads in Mammoth. And took a drive through the woods. On the road again…. headed north.¬† Made it to the Gardnerville skatepark just in time for a sunset […]… Continue Reading

Finally! Doin what I came here to do! The snow wasnt the greatest but its all about new experiences and checkin out the Range of Light. I met up with Chris and Dan to check out Horse Creek Canyon. These guys are good people to follow in the California backcountry. Chris (left) is the founder […]… Continue Reading