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Big Cottonwood Canyon: Up Argenta slide path to Kessler summit, down the entrance of the West Couloir and up to Kessler South, down NW Couloir and out Mineral Fork. Elevations: 6,500′ – 10,401′ The Argenta Couloir yesterday was so epic, I decided to bring some homies back up to Kessler and drop a bigger line into […]… Continue Reading

Big Cottonwood Canyon: Up Argenta slide path to the west ridge. About 30 feet shy of the Kessler summit, out to the Argenta Couloir and down the halfpipe to the road. Elevations: 6,900′ – 10,403′ Kessler Peak as seen from Mill D North. Yet another beautiful sunrise in the Wasatch. Bout 2/3 of the way […]… Continue Reading

Little and Big Cottonwoods: Alta Guard Station to Mount Superior, down the south face & back to Alta, around to Brighton to Dog Lake and up the north Pioneer ridge to Dog Bowl and back to Brighton. Mount Superior. The south face is one of the most classic lines in the mountain range. With over […]… Continue Reading

Started the day off right with fresh coffee and fresh snow. I had so much fun hoppin pillows yesterday I thought i’d go back for more. Warmed up by bouncing off cream puffs. The sun tried to come out with no such luck. But thats just fine with us. Randy with the back 3 branch […]… Continue Reading

So its been a few days since I could shoot some photos. It rained for 2 days past 8,000′ and cameras dont like water. I went to Grizzly Gulch with a coupla buddies yesterday and ended up outruning my first avalanche. It wasnt anything that serious, just a medium sized soft slab but it was […]… Continue Reading

Big Cottonwood Canyon: S Turns up Broads to Dromedary shoulder, down the pinners and back. Elevations: 6,900′ – !0,500′ This one started at 5:30 am. Class is at 8:30 so hiking under the stars is a must M,W. 3 miles in at the second meadow with the first bit of light. Sunrise on Wildcat Ridge. […]… Continue Reading

Big Cottonwood Canyon: Sunrise to Summit, up Fantasy Ridge to Silver Fork East Bowl, up Davenport Hill, down the north face, up West Bowl to Days Fork, down Fangs and out to Spruces Campground. Elevations: 7,300′ – 10,500′ First slackcountry mission of the year outta Soli and the place was a ghost town. Brook, Darren […]… Continue Reading

This one needs no explanation. One look tells you everything you need to know. The Y from the mini parking lot….. Going up! Made some new friends and we all took turns cutting steps into the chute. Gotta love those ski boots. Over half way by sunrise. The last 40 feet to the top was […]… Continue Reading

Little Cottonwood Canyon: White Pine trailhead to White Pine, Red Pine and upper Maybird to the Obelisk and back. Elevations: 7,500′ – 10,600′ Gettin started with Snowbird and Alta in the background. The trailhead is down where you can see the road. Round the corner into Red. Tanners. Somebody already broke trail up to the […]… Continue Reading

Little Cottonwood Canyon: White Pine Trailhead to White Pine, up Red Pine to the upper cirque and back. Elevation: 7,500′ – 10,100′ This morning started out perfectly. It wasnt too cold and we didnt need headlamps for the first 1.5 miles. There was so much moonlight you could see your shadow.  I have never seen […]… Continue Reading

  Little Cottonwood Canyon: White Pine trailhead to White Pine, Red Pine, and out Maybird Tube. Elevations: 6,200′ – 10,000′ Crossed the bridge at Red Pine. And up into Maybird. Once again, we couldnt see anything up top and somehow ended up cliffed out above 100 foot rocks in a blizzard. We scoped a chute […]… Continue Reading

Big Cottonwood Canyon: Spruces trailhead, up Mill D to the top of Tom’s and down Birthday Chute to Uncle John’s Band and out. Elevations: 7,300′ – 9,330′ I heard about a big slide near Brighton on the 8th and thought i’d check it out. Triggered by the first snowboarder on the face and caught, carried […]… Continue Reading

The only reason im posting these photos is because we saw some crazy recent avalanches. Mother Nature isnt messing around right now. So it all started by plan A & B getting shut down. Parking at Argenta was impossible and the Butler trailhead was full with an avy class or somthing. Plan C was to […]… Continue Reading

  Big Cottonwood Canyon: My cabin, up Silver Fork to the top of Meadow Chutes and reverse. Elevations: 7,725′ – 9,700′   This one started at the front door. Noice. Somebody broke trail for us. Met up with Robin… And made some new friends. The Commander, The Apprentice and The Infidel. At 60, these guys […]… Continue Reading

Little Cottonwood Canyon: White Pine trailhead to White Pine, Red Pine, and out Maybird. Elevations: 6,200′ – 10,000′ Part of our route as seen from Dromedary. The trailhead is over a mile off to the left. Traversing into Red Pine before sun up. Wish i had brought my tripod.  Cottonwood Ridge. Broads Fork Twin Peaks and […]… Continue Reading

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