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First day of the season!! Couldnt be happier to get strapped in again even tho there were rocks everywhere and it was just a coupla rails. After goin at it for a while, i decided to whip out the camera and get some shots. Sean stoked on switch front boards and Kevin in the background […]… Continue Reading

Yet another weekend spent in school….and this time was just as fun as the last. Here is my account of earning 2 more college credits the best way possible.  Leaving the trailhead 30 miles outside Hanksville, the plan was to hike 3 miles in to our first camp. The next morning, wake up and follow […]… Continue Reading

Big Cottonwood Canyon: Butler Fork trailhead to Baker Pass to Raymond summit and back (22nd). Butler to Baker to Raymond cirque to Circle Awl Peak and back (23rd – 24th). Elevations: 7,120′ – 10,241′ 3,121′ of vert and 17.6 miles The route up Raymond. The blue spot was the camp site for the last 2 […]… Continue Reading