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Big Cottonwood Canyon: Broads Fork to Storm Mountain summit. Elevations: 6,200′ – 10,450′ Totals: approx. 8.5 miles and 4,250′ vert My route as seen from Mt Olympus on April 22. The line starts from the first meadow and the trailhead is a little over 2 miles farther down. Gettin up off the road, lookin down […]… Continue Reading

Little Cottonwood Canyon: White Pine trailhead to White Pine to Red Pine to Maybird fork to Hogum’s Thunder Ridge and reverse. Elevations: 7,700′ – 10,300′ Totals: 9.2 miles and 2,600′ vert A rough estimate of my travel route. The trailhead is a little over a mile from where the line begins. Over the bridge and […]… Continue Reading

  Little Cottonwood Canyon: Alta Guard Station to Little Superior Buttress Elevations: 8,697′ – 10,443′ With an early start, we saw the first light on the Hypodermic Needle and Coalpit. Ski Nazi territory. Dan setting the pace……fast. Checkin out our destination. Superior with LSB down the ridge to the right. “Skooo weeeee!!! …..oh man theres […]… Continue Reading

Solitude: Top of Sunrise lift to Fantasy Ridge Peak and out Honeycomb Canyon to Silver Fork Elevations: 7,800′ – 10,479′ When I got off work at 4, I decided to head up the Sunrise lift to get a head start on the Fantasy Ridge hike. I kept hearing about how people went and tracked out […]… Continue Reading

Millcreek Canyon – Church Fork trailhead to Grandeur Peak Elevations: 5,600′ – 8,299′ Looking back towards the road, the shadow of the peak can be seen. With intense wind and rain on the way up, we thought we weren’t even going to see the fireworks. Sure enough, the sun came out for a few seconds […]… Continue Reading

Big Cottonwood Canyon: Mill B South Trailhead to Lake Blanche Elevations: 6,200′ – 9,300′ Lake Blanche and Sundial Peak before sunset. Little marmet homies were everywhere. Caught one grabbin a bite to eat. The fellas settlin down and cookin dinner for the sunset. The Great Salt Lake at dusk. Whatta view to wake up to. […]… Continue Reading