Introducing my new ultra-light, eco-friendly, highly technical mountain tool. Took em out for a 5,200 foot stroll and I give em 2 thumbs up! Actually no I’m just a dumbass and forgot my poles. Ended up finding some great snow despite the warming and wind. It’s hidden out there all over the place.

Coulter on the summit ridge.

You gotta love the pre-season when none of the avalanche gullies have filled in and you get to surf these powder tubes for a thousand feet, draggin your hand in the barrel and slashing the lip. We worried about wind slab off the top but nothing wanted to move on N-NE aspects @ 10-11K. Seems too good to be true this time of year but no instabilities noted.

… until the drive home.

I tell you h-what. There’s no cozier feeling than cruisin up canyon after a great day in the hills, jammin out to Bob Dylan then suddenly, come THIS close to getting crushed like a tin can. Not paying too much attention, i just see this monster come to rest in my headlights. Something of a road hazard eh?

Check out the crater it left in the other lane! It’s probably been gettin ready to go for a thousand years and fell from who knows how high up. Sometimes things are sent your way in life to wake you up. This time it was a boulder bigger than my Honda Shoe Box!